Happy Father’s Day!

I’d like to wish my father and all fathers in our family a happy Father’s Day. You’re the role models, the teachers, the coaches, the soldiers, the providers, the protectors, the scout leaders, the tinkerers, the tree house builders, and the bad joke tellers that have allowed us—your children, grandchildren, and other descendants—to discover and become who we are.

Thank you.

And since it’s Father’s Day, this may be a good time to finally explain why my blog posts have been much less regular over the past half year than previously. At long last, after decades of looking forward to it, I’m finally going to be a father.

In a little over four months, at the beginning of November or the end of October, Tasha and I will become parents to a much-anticipated daughter. As she’s now part of our family, I’m sure you’ll be seeing occasional updates about her on this blog (although I have a feeling I’ll be starting a dedicated blog about and for her).

Happy Father’s Day to everyone including, at last, me!

4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. This is the best blog ever. Congrats honey. You will have joys coming your way with this great new adventure. Love, Ma

  2. Happy Fathers Day Michael. And congrats to Tasha. You two are going to be wonderful parents to your beautiful little girl.

  3. Thank you Michael,
    I know I fell short in many of the categories you mentioned. What I was never short of was my love for you and your sister. You will be a great father! Congrats to you and Tasha. Happy Birthday Natasha!

  4. Michael, you are already the best dad ever! Our little girl will be so lucky to have someone so sweet, creative, and skilled at just about everything. I can’t wait ’till I see you holding her, and teaching her how to solve her first calculus problem at age 1 month.


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