Mayflower descendancy, part 8

I spent nearly all of my genealogical time and focus in 2018 proving my descent from Mayflower passengers John Alden (and therefore also from his wife Priscilla Mullens and her father William Mullins, both also Mayflower passengers). I had hoped to hear by the end of 2018 that my lineage was deemed sufficiently documented to be accepted for membership in the General Society of Mayflower Descendants (the “Mayflower Society”). Alas, January 1, 2019, came and I still hadn’t heard a decision from the California State Historian or the Historian General in Plymouth.

Just this past Monday, however, I received a letter from the California Historian that my lineage and application had finally been accepted, and that my membership would be formally voted on at the Board of Assistants meeting on January 19. That meeting just ended and I have received the long-awaited news—I am now a member of the Mayflower Society! I am the 94,495th person to successfully apply since the Society was founded in 1897.

Now that I’ve proven our line back to the Mayflower, my cousins on my McMurry side who descend from Lucinda Tracy (Bailey) McMurry can now also just by definitively proving their descent from our common ancestors (Lucinda Tracey Bailey McMurry for second cousins, or just to Dorothy Ruth McMurry Black for first cousins). The 400th anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower is coming up next year, so if you’ve ever considered joining, this would be a great time to do so. If you’re interested in formally documenting your Mayflower line and joining the Mayflower Society, let me know and I’ll do what I can to help you out. Even if you don’t want to have your Mayflower descent certified, if you descend from Lucinda Tracy (Bailey) McMurry, know that you are indeed a descendant of at least three Mayflower passengers. I hope that makes you feel as good as it does me!

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  1. Hello Michael,
    Tisha (McMurry) Carney here. Glenn and Katy McMurry are my parents (and both deceased). Frank McMurry was my Grandfather. I was born and raised in Santa Barbara and now reside in San Diego.
    I love your blog!
    I have a 7 year old son named Chasen Glenn Carney and I’d love to be able to offer him more details on his ancestors.
    Can you please offer us more information on the Mayflower and if we could prove our lineage as well? Thank you! -Tisha Carney,

    • Hi Tisha,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. She and I had kept in touch since your dad died and shared a bunch of family history. I would be happy to help you prove your Mayflower line for you and Chasen. I’m at Disneyland right now with my 4-year-old, but will email you as soon as I have a moment.


  2. Dear Michael, Congratulations ! How exciting ! I want to thank you so much for the wonderful research and documentation. Thanks to you I have portal into my quiddity, the favorite word my dear sister chose to send to me today. Quiddity, the inherent nature or essense of someone or something. I knew for instance nothing of G.G. Wilfred except one story from Granpa Manfred told me once, and this I’d love to hear more about if you know, He told me that his Dad one day showed him some pistolero work. In a barn he stuck a penny, surely an indian head, on the wall, took ten paces back, drew from the hip and hit it! He said that he had worked for the railroad and they needed to be good draws. He told me that Wilfred was one of five men in the U.S. who knew how to weld and repair the steampipes of locomotives. So I can theorize that from gold mining he did side work with the Iron horse. Also of GGMa Hatties young death and confusion of the word of mouth press of the day. I look forward to sharing with you more. Take courage your work in the dark is sharing light with many! Love to you and yours, ours, with wishes for health and prosperity in this new and terrible year of 2019.

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