Veterans Day

US_Flag_BacklitNinety-five years ago today, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, an armistice was signed with Germany to cease fighting the Great War. One year later, on November 11, 1919, President Woodrow Wilson declared that the day would be called Armistice Day, to honor those who fought in World War I. More than three decades later—after the “war to end war” gave way to World War II and to the Korean War—the holiday was renamed Veterans Day, and was intended as a day to honor all veterans of the U.S. armed forces.

In today’s post I’d like to honor all of my family members who served in defense of our country.

Family members have served both in times of peace and in times of war. The wars in which family members have been involved include:

In the list that follows, a double asterisk indicates that the person is a direct ancestor. 

Please let me know if you know of any family members that I’ve left off of this list.

Ackley, Nicholas (1708–1763) French and Indian War
Adams, Deacon John (1691–1761) Colonial Militia (MA)
Askew, John Gordon ”Gordy” (1921–) World War II
Askew, Robert Gordon ”Bob” (1926–2003) World War II
Askew, Stephen John “Steve” (1944–) Vietnam War
Bailey, Clarence Humphrey (1895–1982) World War I
Bailey, Isaiah Loomis (1823–1899) Civil War
Bailey, Gen. Jacob (1726–1816) Revolutionary War
Bailey, Lieutenant Joshua (1712–1786) Revolutionary War
Bailey, William Alonzo (1893–1970) World War I
Billings, Jacob (1732–?) Revolutionary War
Black, George Cornelius (1927–) World War II
** Black, Keith Vernon (1942–) Peacetime service
Black, Lewis J (1839–1901) Civil War
** Black, Vernon Cornelius (1916–1993) World War II
Bogart, Humphrey DeForest (1899–1957) World War I
Burton, Elphenus Americus (1848–1926) Civil War
** Cadwell, Abraham (1717–1762) French and Indian War
** Cheney, Ebenezer (1742–1828) Revolutionary War
** Chilson, David Wolcott (1821–1902) Civil War
Christianson, Ray (1920–1980) World War II
Claunch, Pvt. Richmond C (1839–1862) Civil War
** Coddington, Benjamin (1680–1753) Colonial Militia (NJ) ?
Coddington, Benjamin (ca1759–ca1801) Revolutionary War
** Coddington, Daniel Schram (1811–1886) Civil War
Coddington, David Humphreys (1839–1912) Civil War
** Coddington, George Harrison (1842–1919) Civil War
Coddington, Isaac (1793–1846) War of 1812
Coddington, John B (1654–1738) King Philip’s War
Coddington, Joseph (ca1730–>1783) Revolutionary War
Coddington, Lewis C (1846–1930) Civil War
Coddington, Robert Sr. (1760–1833) Revolutionary War
Coddington, Thomas Kendall (1896–1955) World War II
Coddington, William Albert (1843–1922) Civil War
** Conant, John (1652–1724) King Philip’s War
Conant, Lot (1624–1674) King Philip’s War
Denison, Daniel (ca1612–1682) Colonial Militia (MA)
Denison, Capt. George (1620–1694) King Philip’s War
Dewey, Abner (1726–1777) French and Indian War
Revolutionary War
Dewey, Bohan (1755–<1791) Revolutionary War
Dewey, Jared David (1759–1850) War of 1812
Doran, Patrick (1738–1788) Revolutionary War
Dow, Gideon (1710–1756) Colonial Militia (NH)
Dunham, Stanley Armour (1918–1992) World War II
Eddy, Carl Everett (1921–1970) World War II
Eliason, Maj. Douglas (1957–) Peacetime service ?
Fanson, Vernon Monteith “Vern” (1897–1980) World War I
Field, Arne Erickson (1842–1914) Civil War
Grosvenor, Wallace Paine (1900–1974) World War I
Harmon, Loren Winfield “Win” (1883–1917) World War I
** Hatfield, Joseph (1740–1832) Revolutionary War
Heinz, Emerson C. “Harry” (1912–1977) World War II
Hogan, Eli Elias (1883–1962) World War II
Jellison, Winfred Halga “Helga” (1896–1992) World War I
Johnson, Capt. John (1600–1659) Colonial Militia (MA)
Jordan, James Russell Jr. (II) (1887–?) World War I
Judd, Clifford Leroy (1914–1979) World War II
Karpen, John Paul Jr. (1922–1998) World War II ?
Karpen, John Peter Sr. (1899–1978) World War I ?
** Kinne, Cyrus (1746–1808) Revolutionary War
Kohler, George Edward (1916–2002) World War II
Kuiper, Lieut. Col. C Edward (1947–) Vietnam War ?
Leatherbury, Lieut. John (ca1744–1785) Revolutionary War ?
Lennon, Robert Joseph (1924–1988) World War II
Little, Colonel Moses Jr. (1724–1798) Revolutionary War
Loomis, Israel (1715–1801) Revolutionary War
Loso, Lloyd Joseph (1899–1974) World War I
Martes, Philip Peter “Phil” (1917–1967) World War II
** McClure, Judge David (1726–1796) Revolutionary War
McClure, Col. Thomas Ross (1809–1886) Civil War
McMurry, James (1760–1832) Revolutionary War
McMurry, John (1752–1832) Revolutionary War
** McMurry, Thomas (1765–1829) Revolutionary War
McMurry, Thomas Hisner (1831–1863) Civil War
McMurry, William (1795–1852) War of 1812
Moore, Lieut. Clarence “Red” (?–1944) World War II
** Morris, Calvin Levi (1803–1875) Civil War
Morris, James Matthew (1823–1862) Civil War
** Noble, Ensign Matthew (1698–1771) Colonial Militia (MA) ?
Ogden, David Sr. (1764–1840) Revolutionary War
Paine, Stephen Jr. (1629–1677) Colonial Militia (MA) ?
Peck, Ira (1824–1883) Civil War
Peck, Nathaniel A (1841–1910) Civil War
** Pepper, Jacob (1661–1739) Father Rale’s War
Pepper, John Quincy (1826–1913) Civil War
** Pepper, Joshua (1721–1808) Revolutionary War
Pepper, Minos (1791–1860) War of 1812
Prettyman, Donald Irvin “Don” (?–?) World War II
Prettyman, George Irvin “G.I.” (1887–1977) World War II
Prettyman, George W (1847–1865) Civil War
Prettyman, James C “Jim” (ca1920–?) World War II
Prettyman, Jerome Patrick “Jerry” (1925–1965) World War II ?
Prettyman, Jesse Willard (1922–1995) World War II
Prettyman, John G “Jack” (ca1923–1944) World War II
Prettyman, Richard Francis “Arch” (1921–1989) World War II
** Prettyman, William Eugene (1919–1998) World War II
** Price, Richard (1757–1834) Revolutionary War
Priest, Joseph (1641–1697) King Philip’s War
Proszek, Stanislaus “Stanley” (1919–2003) World War II
Putnam, Lieut. Thomas (?–?) Colonial Militia (MA) ?
Putnam, Sgt. Thomas (1652–1699) Colonial Militia (MA) ?
Ranum, Arne Nelson (1845–1898) Civil War
Rice, Charles Delos (1830–1862) Civil War
Rush, Alexander W (1831–1864) Civil War
** Scott, Hiram (ca1815–1865) Civil War
** Scott, Horace L (ca1842–1870) Civil War
Severn, Clifford Leroy (1896–1982) World War I
** Severson, Sever (1828–1864) Civil War
Shearer, William Christian Jr. (1759–1830) Revolutionary War
Smith, Lt. Col. William Stephens (1755–1816) Revolutionary War
** Snider, John Sr. (1743–1830) Revolutionary War
Spencer, Fredrick “Fred” (1897–1918) World War I
Stebbins, Lieut. Thomas (1620–1683) Colonial Militia (MA) ?
Stewart, Abraham Williamson (1828–1910) Puget Sound War
Stewart, William McCallen (1794–1885) War of 1812
Stokes, Nathan (1818–1901) Civil War
Stokes, Milton Burton “Bert” (1879–1971) World War I
Stone, Archibald (1735–1811) Revolutionary War
Switzer, James Morris (1910–1984) World War II
Thayer, Capt. Ebenezer (1692–1777) Revolutionary War
Thayer, Peter Sr. (1737–1805) Revolutionary War
Thayer, Peter Jr. (1755–1820) Revolutionary War
Thayer, Col. Sylvanus (1785–1872) War of 1812
Thompson, Knudt Tostensen (1832–1910) Civil War
Tracy, Lieut. Hezekiah (1736–1817) Revolutionary War
Treat, Governor Robert (1622–1710) King Philip’s War
Turner, Col. Seth (1727–?) Revolutionary War ?
VanWinkle, Cyrus (1805–1879) Civil War
Vinton, Charles Albert (1832–1904) Civil War
** Vinton, Lieut. David (1726–1791) Revolutionary War
** Vinton, Seth (1756–1848) Revolutionary War
Wadsworth, Brig. General Peleg (1748–1829) Revolutionary War
Warren, Jacob (1983–) Iraq War
Watson, Elbert Joseph “Al” (1927–2007) Peacetime service ?
Whitmore (Wetmore), Jabez Jr. (1766–1843) Revolutionary War
Wichers, Jean Harrold (”Harold Gene”) (1923–2011) World War II
Wichers, Reanon Cornelius (1919–2007) World War II
** Wise, Thomas (1726–1800) Revolutionary War
** Wolcott, Justus (1735–1831) Revolutionary War
** Woodruff, Benjamin (1744–1837) Revolutionary War
Yapp, James L (1920–2009) World War II
Yapp, Ray Rush (1923–1993) World War II

Thank you for your service, your sacrifices, and for the roles you played in forming, developing, and protecting our country.

Without your collective efforts, our country would not have endured nor even existed.

11 thoughts on “Veterans Day

  1. Jack and I just read this and were amazed. He wants to check out the website now too. Thanks for going to the trouble for us. Jack says it’s very impressive how you did this.

    • That’s what I said when I first became interested in family history! It can be intimidating at first, but when you start to learn about these people and the times in which they lived, history really starts to come alive and make sense.

  2. Thanks for putting this together! I was surprised to see how many family members we have that have served. Service is such a selfless and great sacrifice. Thank you to all who have served.

  3. Hello,

    I am writing to inquire about your ancestor Thomas Wise. I am a rookie when it comes genealogy. I believe that Thomas Wise was my 6th great grandfather. I would love to email with you if possible.


    • Nice to meet you, potential 7th cousin! I’ll be happy to talk with you further. I’ll send you an email to start the conversation.


  4. Hi while searching the web on information on my husbands great grandfather, Elphenus A Burton I notice you have him listed under the veterans. Is he a relation to you or any of your family. Thanks

    • Hi Cherie,

      Yes, while not a direct ancestor, Elphenus is indeed a relative. His grandparents (James Harkcom and Margaret Mary Snyder) are my 4th-great-grandparents, so Elphenus is my first cousin, four times removed.


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