You’re in good hands with Bill Prettyman

1967 ?- _____I’ll be away at a conference in Portland for the rest of the week and weekend, so I wanted to get one last post in before I left.

My grandfather, William “Bill” Prettyman spent much of his post-World-War-II career as an insurance salesman for Allstate Insurance. Here I present a number of newly scanned photos of him during his years at Allstate. The dates I present are approximate, so please feel free to correct any incorrectly assigned dates. In fact, I don’t know yet what year he began working for Allstate and when he left Allstate. I suspect I’ll find his retirement date in papers I’ve yet to go through, but if you know when he started for Allstate, please let me know.

1958 ?- _____

ca. 1958


January, 1958

1964 ?- ______

ca. 1964?

1967 ?- ______

ca 1967?

1967 ?- _____

ca. 1967?

1969 ?- _____

ca. 1969?

1970 ?- _____ (1)

ca. 1970?

1970 ?- _____ (2)

ca. 1970?

1970 ?- _____

ca. 1970?

And here are some vintage Allstate ads from the same period:

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1952 1957 1958
1960_9xqykynt90hzaw 1960_allstateinsurance 1960_allstateinsurance2
1960 1960 1960
1960-allstate-insurance-companies-herbert-simon-ad 1963_3jnh5oua6jebwv 1963_8fnrzl065pxld7
1960 1963 1963
1963_mj838b1jfzieas 1963_z69lqupg6z4g10 1967_2igdqwjb5wtr3z
1963 1963 1967
1967_h9dv5qdewaky13 1971_50da8jzm1zmvzj 1971_m1o1jj85ur7q00
1967 1971 1971

2 thoughts on “You’re in good hands with Bill Prettyman

  1. OK this is what I can remember. The Bob Prettyman family (Bob, Kay, Kathy and Dana) came west in November of ’53. We left New York, flew to Minnesota then drove cross country to LA. Bill and Harriet not only let us move in with them, but I think they stored all our belongings in their garage! Polly was in second grade I think and Danny hadn’t started school yet. Bob and Bill were both out of work and the two left every day looking for work together sharing a car.
    My dad (Bob) went on a job interview with Allstate and they said he wasn’t eligible because he hadn’t been in California for a year. He said My brother is out in the car and he’s been here for a year, I’ll go get him. So Bill got the job. Arch (Dick), their younger brother also went to work for Allstate (probably via Bill.)

  2. Wow — great details to fill out the story! Thanks, Dana! I’ll work them into the story once I’m back from my conference next week. Thanks again; much appreciated!


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