Some Lake Odell photos 1962–1963

I was going through a box of photos my mother had saved from her childhood and early marriage years, and I came across this collection of photos from Lake Odell in 1962 and 1963. As Lake Odell brings back fond memories for many in the Askew, Prettyman, Flaten, and Montgomery families, I thought I’d share them with you.

Odell Summit Lodge was run by members of my family until it was accidentally burned down in November, 1971. It was owned by my grandmother Harriet (Askew) Prettyman’s two brothers and one of her brothers-in-law—Bob and Frank Askew and Howie Flaten. The three men and their spouses lived at the lake year-round and together with help from other family members, they ran a lodge, rented out cabins, ran a store, rented boats, and served up meals. Every summer, members of our extended family would travel up to help run the lodge in the busy season in exchange for a nearly free vacation.

I’m gradually accumulating enough info on the decade-long run of the Odell Summit Lodge to write a history of our period of its history, from its purchase by members of the Askew clan, to the building of a new lodge, to the accidental burning of both old and new lodges, to a last-ditch effort to rebuild the resort after it burned. But that’s too much for a lazy Sunday. For today, I’ll just present the photos from 1962 and 1963.

First, here’s the photo business card for Odell Summit Lodge when it was being run by my family:

So far I’ve only found one photo dated to Summer, 1962:

Bill Prettyman proudly showing off two Mackinaw trout he caught:

The rest of the photos are from the following summer (1963):

Salt Creek Falls, about 5 miles northwest of (and an 8-mile drive from) Odell Summit Lodge.
Bonnie (Askew) Montgomery at the base of Salt Creek Falls.
Lake Vivian, a remote lake accessible only by a 3-mile uphill hike south from Salt Creek Falls.
The front entrance to the “Old” Lodge. The Old Lodge was the only lodge that existed at the time this photo was taken, but it came to be called the Old Lodge because the Askew clan built a new lodge nearby a couple of years later.
The front of the Old Lodge from a boat on Lake Odell.
From the shore of Lake Odell near the Lodge:
From the left: Harriet (Askew) Prettyman, Bonnie (Askew) Montgomery, Florence (Myott) Askew, Helen (Trimble) Askew, and Bob Askew sitting in Adirondack chairs in front of the Lodge.
Sillyness ensues:
Clyde Askew (L), Gert Askew (R), their daughter Harriet (Askew) Prettyman, and their dog Gidget on one of the docks.
Bob Askew, with another family member (Howie Flaten, Frank Askew, or Clyde Askew) facing away from the camera.
Clyde and Gert’s dog Gidget at the end of a dock.
View across Lake Odell to Maiden Peak (on the right) and an unnamed peak on the left. The peak on the left is the top of the Willamette Pass Ski Area.
View of one of the docks with an unidentified boy on a raft (the boy is not Dan Prettyman).
A double-exposure of 1) Polly (Prettyman) Black and her mother Harriet in a row boat christened the “Harriet,” and 2) someone (Rich Montgomery?) getting something out of the trunk of a Ford Galaxie.

3 thoughts on “Some Lake Odell photos 1962–1963

  1. When I was young, I went to Odell Lake every summer and was friends with Jason. I remember twin brothers Rex and Ross and there sister, but can’t recall her name right now. I also believe there was an older brother who was a state trooper. I’ve always wondered what happened to Jason and the family as I didn’t know their last name just lots of great memories. I remember the store that had a room upstairs that if my memory is correct, there was a foosball table. I remember Rex and Ross had a room upstairs in the old boat barn to the right of the docks when looking at the lake. If I remember correctly, one dock to the right of the boat ramp had some covered slips. I have memories of cleaning fish in the old fish cleaning shed and Jason and I playing in the trees and picking blueberries or huckleberries. Jason taught me about taking periwinkles of the rocks to use for bait while bank fishing. I would love to hear how the family is doing today.

    • Hi Ray,

      Those names don’t ring any bells. I wonder if you knew the family who managed the resort before or after our family did, or perhaps if it was the other resort on the lake? What years were you there?

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