Selena Severson’s autograph book

Front cover of albumSelena Severson was born in September, 1862, the fourth of five daughters of Sever and Martha Severson. She was only two years old when her father died of dysentery while serving in the Union Army in the Civil War. Despite this devastating setback, the Severson sisters grew up to be strong, successful women.

Selena grew up with her family in Black Earth, Wisconsin, and in 1880, at the age of 18, enrolled in the Wisconsin State College at Whitewater (now the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater), a rural, four-year, co-educational, residential college founded in 1868 as the Whitewater Normal School. While at Whitewater, she earned her teaching certification and then returned to Black Earth to teach for two years.

After teaching in Black Earth, she returned to Whitewater to finish her degree, graduating in the class of 1887. After graduation, she taught for a year in Berthoud, Colorado, then for one year in Fort Collins, Colorado, and then for two years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Around 1891, Selena enrolled in a medical college for women in Chicago (presumably the Woman’s Hospital Medical College, which changed its name to the Northwestern University Woman’s Medical School in 1891/1892). She was entered in Illinois’ Official Register of Legally Qualified Physicians in 1895. She practiced medicine in Chicago for a time, and then relocated to Madison, Wisconsin, to be near her family once more.

In this post, I’d like to share with you Selena Severson’s 1878 autograph book, which I just finished digitizing today. Transcriptions and analysis of this book will be provided in a future post. Charlie and Nancy Frey generously allowed me to borrow and digitize this book along with Sever Severson’s diary.

The autograph book appears to date to the period from 1878 (when she was about 16 years old) through the 1880s, with some later margin notes, presumably written by Selena. The autograph album is full of charming Victorian wit, wisdom, and design, with inscriptions from friends and family, written not only in English, but also Norwegian and Latin. I’ll upload a PDF of the entire album shortly, but for now you can view the pages individually below.


Selena Album003_004

Selena Album005_006

Selena Album007_008

Selena Album009_010

Selena Album011_012

Selena Album013_014

Selena Album015_016

Selena Album017_018

Selena Album019_020

Selena Album021_022

Selena Album023_024

Selena Album025_026

Selena Album027_028

Selena Album029_030

Selena Album031_032

Selena Album033_034

Selena Album035_036

Selena Album037_038

Selena Album039_040

Selena Album041_042

Selena Album043_044

Selena Album045_046

Selena Album047_048

Selena Album049_050

Selena Album051_052

Selena Album053_054

Selena Album055_056

Selena Album057_058

Selena Album059_060

Selena Album061_062

Selena Album063_064

Selena Album065_066

Selena Album067_068

Selena Album069_070

Selena Album071_072

Selena Album073_074

Selena Album075_076

Selena Album077_078

Selena Album079_080

Selena Album081_082

Selena Album083_084

Selena Album085_086

Selena Album087_088

Selena Album089_090

Selena Album091_092

Selena Album093_094

Selena Album095_096

Selena Album097_098

Selena Album099_100

Selena Album101_102

Selena Album103_104

Selena Album105_106

Selena Album107_108

Selena Album109_110

Selena Album111_112

Selena Album113_114

Selena Album115_116

Selena Album117_118

Selena Album119_120


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