Who was Paul Gores?

On the Prettyman side of my family, Paul Gore’s name keeps coming up, but I know next to nothing about him. I have no identified photos of him, and I’ve heard only a couple of snippets of stories about his life, so I’m writing this post in the hopes that someone among my Prettyman relatives might be able to identify him and tell me more about him.

The name he went by as an adult was Paul N. Gores, according to my grandfather, William Prettyman (Paul’s nephew), and he was born Paul Nicholas Gores. Paul was born on June 7, 1898, in Wadena, Minnesota, probably the youngest of 6 (or possibly 7) children born to my great-great-grandparents, Judge Fredrick Eugene Gores and Veronika Evertz (also spelled Everts, Ewertz, or Eberts):

  1. Frank H. Gores (1887–1919)
  2. Maggie Gores (ca 1890–before June 1900)
  3. Rosa (“Rose”) Cecilia Gores (1892–1945)
  4. Peter F. Gores (1893–1911)
  5. Marie Gores (1896–?)
  6. Paul Nicholas Gores (1898–1965)
  7. ?unknown Gores (?–before 1900)

Four of the seven Gores children died young: Frank (died at 32 years), Maggie (?10 years old), Peter (17 years old), and unknown (prob. ?10 years old). Rose, Marie, and Paul were the only ones to live a relatively full life (although Rose died tragically at 53).

Below are the only photos I have that may be of Paul (the last three are not yet positively identified, so if you can confirm that the man is (or isn’t) Paul Gores, please let me know.

Photo 1 1912 Photo 1 1912 detail 1
Above: Modern caption identifies him as Paul Gores. Based on his age (estimated at 14), this photo dates to 1912.
Photo 2 1916 Photo 2 1916 detail 1
Above: No information on back of photo. I believe that this is Paul in his college years. I’m guessing that the pennant is from Creighton University, a Catholic, Jesuit university in Omaha, Nebraska. Based on his age (estimated at 18), this photo dates to 1916.
Photo 3 Photo 3 detail 1
Above: Inscription on back: “I suppose you can recognize this animal”. If this is Paul, and if he is about 25–30 years old, then this photo dates to 1923–1928.
I can only hope there's a reasonable explanation for this. I can only hope there's a reasonable explanation for this.
Above: No information on back of photo. My mother thinks this may be Paul, as she remembers that Paul was stricken by rheumatoid arthritis. This man seems to be at least 45 years old. As Paul died in 1965, if this is Paul, this photo dates to 1943–1965.

A few tidbits about Paul:

  • According to my grandfather, Paul never married.
  • In 1940 (half a decade before my grandparents William Prettyman and Harriet Askew were married), Paul Gores (William’s uncle) was a boarder in the house of Harriet’s grandfather and step-grandmother, Wilfred and Selma Askew.
  • His World War I draft registration card described him as being of medium height and stout build, with gray eyes and light hair.
  • He worked as a salesman at Standard Oil in Wadena between at least 1918 and 1920 (which makes the idea of him being in college in 1916 a little less plausible).

That’s sadly just about all I know of Paul, other than his life seemed to intersect quite a bit with both of my grandparents and their families. My grandparents were apparently quite fond of him and went to visit him shortly after their wedding (if I’m remembering the story correctly).

Please let me know anything you know about “Uncle Paul” and his life—I’d very much appreciate it!  And please let me know if you have other photos of him.

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  1. This is what I recall about Uncle Paul. My dad and Jerry Prettyman have said he lived with rose and CA. He taught the kids all sorts of songs…silly ones. When during the Depression, CA and Rose wanted to move to St. Paul so it would be cheaper for my Dad to go to St. Thomas. I guess Uncle Bill and Uncle Arch went to St. Thomas high? CA offered the house in Wadena to Roy and his wife with the agreement that they would continue to care for Paul. After Paul died, they continued in the house as took in roomers.

  2. Paul would be my great uncle, my father was John E. Gores, son of Frank and Hannah Gores (judges son). I only met Uncle Paul a couple of times, he was in a wheel chair, and he collected guns and other collectables. I will contact my older sisters for more information. John Frank Gores

    • Pleased to meet you, John! I believe we’re second cousins, once removed. I’d love to hear what other stories, photos, and/or artifacts you have from the Gores family history. What little I know of the Gores so far is fascinating.

  3. I have done research on the Gores family.. I live in Hastings, Minnesota, and I am a descendant of Honey(Johan Gores) and his second wife, Veronica Weiler.. Johan was a son of Nicolas Gores and Susanna Wallerius.. May years, Abbie O’Malley, of Minneapolis, informed of the Prettyman and other connections on her side of the Gores family. One question which was never answered, was the origins of Margaretha Von Wolf, wife of Francis Gores… I tend to think she was from Luxembourg, although I do not know yet. I believe I have most of the Gores families, straightened out( the early generations). Francis and John Gores had a brother, Martin, who came to the US later, and a sister who married to a Dr. Peter Schneider, and died childless

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