Mayflower descendancy, part 2

As I mentioned in my first post on this topic, I applied last Fall for preliminary review to join the General Society of Mayflower Descendants (“Mayflower Society”). According to the response to my preliminary review:

Contacting the state society of your choice as to full requirements in proceeding to membership would be the potential applicant’s next best step.  The historian of the Mayflower Society in the state where you reside will also receive a copy of this lineage review so that they will also be aware of your interest.

I’ve just filled out the Preliminary Review Form for the California Mayflower Society and put it in an envelope along with the requested self-addressed stamped envelope, so I figure I’ll get a head start on gathering and organizing the required documentation. What exactly constitutes “required documentation” is left intentionally vague in the response I received from the genealogist at the National headquarters of the Mayflower Society:

In general, an applicant will be required to prove their lineage beyond whatever point for which the Mayflower Society already has an up-to-date previously approved lineage paper on file. Usually, the best place to begin working back in order to link into an accepted lineage is with your immediate family. Full documentation, including all applicable birth, marriage and death certificates, for the most recent three generations should be assembled. When moving back beyond grandparents, documentation can be provided in the form of birth, marriage and death certificates, wills and other probate records, land records which state relationships, or, in the absence of these, published sources such as vital records of towns, town histories, published genealogies etc. Census records may also provide good corroborative evidence. There are a number of other types of records that can be used to prove descent from one generation to the next, but this is the challenge of proving a Mayflower lineage: finding these. Hopefully you already know some of this and perhaps your family has some of these documents. Once you have compiled complete documentation on your great-grandparents, clearly linking them to their parents, you will need to continue to connect each generation to the one before until you are able to tie in to the Mayflower Families book mentioned above.

In my first post on this topic, I presumed I would essentially just need to present proof of birth and marriage for each of the seven generations from Dorcas Vinton and Solomon Noble to me, for a total of 13 well-documented facts. After re-reading the letter from the genealogist at the National headquarters, I see that they’re also expecting death certificates. That doesn’t seem necessary, but it would certainly strengthen my application, so I now see that I’ll need to find 11 (or possibly 13) death certificates in addition to the 13 combined marriage and birth certificates, for a total of 24–26 facts to conclusively establish:

  1. Birth of Dorcas Vinton to Seth Vinton and Polly Rider
  2. ? (Death of Seth Vinton)—may have already been established by earlier researchers
  3. ? (Death of Polly Rider)—may have already been established by earlier researchers
  4. Marriage of Dorcas Vinton married Solomon Noble
  5. Birth of Catherine Noble to Dorcas Vinton and Solomon Noble
  6. Death of Dorcas Vinton
  7. Death of Solomon Noble
  8. Marriage of Catherine Noble married Alonzo B. Bailey
  9. Birth of William Noble Bailey to Catherine Noble and Alonzo B. Bailey
  10. Death of Catherine Noble
  11. Death of Alonzo B. Bailey
  12. Marriage of William Noble Bailey married Ellen Caroline Severson
  13. Birth of Lucinda Tracey Bailey to William Noble Bailey and Ellen Caroline Severson
  14. Death of William Noble Bailey
  15. Death of Ellen Caroline Severson
  16. Marriage of Lucinda Tracey Bailey married Frank Ross McMurry
  17. Birth of Dorothy Ruth McMurry to Lucinda Tracey Bailey and Frank Ross McMurry
  18. Death of Lucinda Tracey Bailey
  19. Death of Frank Ross McMurry
  20. Marriage of Dorothy Ruth McMurry married Vernon Cornelius Black
  21. Birth of Keith Vernon Black to Dorothy Ruth McMurry and Vernon Cornelius Black
  22. Death of Dorothy Ruth McMurry
  23. Death of Vernon Cornelius Black
  24. Marriage of Keith Vernon Black married {my mother}
  25. Birth of me to Keith Vernon Black and {my mother}
  26. Death of Keith Vernon Black

I’m purposely not documenting my marriage or the birth of our daughter. This way, our daughter will have at least a little puzzling and documenting to do when/if she decides to join the Mayflower Society herself someday.

So where to start? Might as well start with proofs of birth, as those do a nice job of tying generations together. I’ll start by trying to find birth certificates for the seven required individuals, and will consider alternative ways of proving birth if an individual doesn’t have a surviving birth certificate. For this particular line, I should have pretty good luck since all of the births happened within cities with developed record-keeping infrastructures.

Birth certificates

Name Birthdate Birth place Certificate archive
Dorcas Vinton 13 May 1802 Willington, Tolland co., CT Willington Town Clerk
40 Old Farms Road
Willington, CT 06279
(860) 487-3121
($20 each)
Catherine Noble 20 Feb 1826 Willington, Tolland co., CT Willington Town Clerk
40 Old Farms Road
Willington, CT 06279
(860) 487-3121
($20 each)
William Noble Bailey 22 Jun 1860 Rockville, Tolland co., CT Vernon Town Clerk
14 Park Place
Vernon, CT 06066
(860) 870-3662
Application ($20 each)
Lucinda Tracey Bailey 20 Feb 1887 Fort Collins, Larimer co., CO Larimer Co. Dept. of
Health and Environment
Vital Statistics Section
1525 Blue Spruce Drive
Fort Collins CO 80524
(970) 498-6710
Application ($17.75 each)
Dorothy Ruth McMurry 26 Apr 1917 Olympia, Thurston co., WA (July 1, 1907 to present)
Thurston County Public Health & Social Services
ATTN: Vital Records
412 Lilly Road NE
Olympia, WA 98506-5132
(360) 867-2618
Application ($20 each)
Keith Vernon Black 19 Oct 1942 Olympia, Thurston co., WA (July 1, 1907 to present)
Thurston County Public Health & Social Services
ATTN: Vital Records
412 Lilly Road NE
Olympia, WA 98506-5132
(360) 867-2618
Application ($20 each)
me [—— ]  [——] [——]

I already have a copy of my own birth certificate (somewhere…), so I just mailed off requests for the next four generations of birth certificates. I’ll have to call the Willington Town Clerk on Monday to ask about the two certificates I need to get from them.

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