Gertrude Scott through the years

Gertrude Scott Askew, my great grandmother, was a hard-working, unpretentious woman who was pressed into assuming adult responsibilities before her time, due to the premature death of her mother a few months before Gert’s thirteenth birthday.

Gert’s appearance has always been a little puzzling to me. Until this week, I hadn’t seen any photos of Gert before 1941, and in every photo I had seen of her (all dated 1941–1980), she appeared remarkably similar. Here’s a woman who took what life gave her, without complaint, and her portraits over the years hint at the silent toll that her selflessness took on her. Continue reading

Frank Scott through the years

I thought I’d have a change of pace for today’s post. Rather than researching a single photo, I thought I’d gather together a series of photos I’ve got of someone I’d like to know more about; in this case, my great great grandfather Frank Scott.  I’ll lay out the photos I’ve got and the approximate dates of each, and we’ll get to see what Frank Scott looked like through time. Continue reading