Mystery photo #2: Boy and girl with doll (part 1)

Another as-yet-unidentified photo I got from my grandmother’s house while helping my family get her old home ready for sale. This one is of two children and a doll. I’m not good with estimating ages, but I’d guess that the boy is somewhere around 3–5 years old, and the girl is 8–12 years old.  Let’s see if we can figure out who they are. Continue reading

Mystery Photo #1: Girl with tribble, part 2 (solved!)

As you’ll recall from part 1 of this post, I was trying to determine the identity of the girl in the photo at the right.  I began the process of inductive reasoning to try to figure out who this endearing young girl was.  I wanted this to be a photo of my great grandmother, Gertrude Scott, but barring new evidence, I would have to rule out all other possible persons in order to be reasonably certain that this was Gertie.  But then along came some new evidence, which saved me a lot of work, and which will save you a lot of reading. Continue reading

Mystery Photo #1: Girl with tribble, part 1

As with most family photo collections, I have some photos that are unidentified.  The following photo of the girl worried about the dead tribble at her feet is one of these.  Let’s see if we can narrow down the possibilities for who this might be.  The following are the research notes I took as I worked through this mystery. Continue reading